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FAQ Azerbaijan

FAQ Azerbaijan

March to October better time to visit country

Local taxi cabs take you from airport to city center, between 13 and 20 manat.

Most of city bus you can pay by cash, 30 coins (qepik) ,some of them accept card-BakiKart ( you can buy card and top up it  at metro stations and bus stops. Guests have options, of paying 2 AZN for a reusable card or paying 1 AZN for disposable card, valid for 4 journeys.

Also you can use bus from airport to city (train station) it will take 45 minutes, services depart every 30 minutes, between 7 am and 11 pm.  And costs 1,30 AZN.

The city also has a metro system. The fare is also like a bus, 30 coins (qepik) per trip.

  1. Plov (national maid dish)
  2. Sac ( combination of meat( beef, lamb, chicken ) and vegetables cooked together in iron pot.
  3. Levengi (chicken or fish with walnut stuffing ) Best to try in not in Baku,in  Lenkaran
  4. Govurma( lamb with onion and pomegranate sous
  5. pakhlava(national sweet with nuts )
  6. Tea (people in Azerbaijan eat tea every day,in summer winter,best tea grow in Lenkaran-Astara area)
We suggest looking for places where the locals eat
In Baku you can find from cheap hostel per night 3 $ up to 5* luxury hotel.
  1. Old City (Shirvanshah    Palace –entrance fee 10 AZN, Maiden tower- entrance fee 12 AZN, Miniature book museum –free entrance fee, Juma mosque)
  2. National Boulevard
  3. Nizami street fauntin square
  4. Azerbaijan Carpet museum (located at the national boulevard, entrance fee is 7 AZN)
  5. Gobustan National Park (entrance fee for both museum in total 5 AZN)
  6. Mud Volcanoes and James Bond oil field
  7. Ateshagh fire temple
  8. Yanardag burning mountain
  9. H.Aliyev cultural center
  10. Khinlig village,Sheki city,Lenkaran, Astara,Nakhchivan to see not only Baku
Taza bazaar,Yasil bazar,Genclik mall,Park bulvar,28 mall,Sederek
Should be avoided on the metro and official building
Yes sure,Azerbaijan know for low crime rate